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Some frequently asked questions are listed below.  If you do not find an answer to your question, please contact the PMH Board under the Home or General Information tab.
I'm not getting any periodic emails from the PMH Board?
Go to the HOME page on this PMH site and select Mailing List on the top right.  Complete the address info and click submit.  You can also use this to provide us any updates as well.

Please also register on our Property Manager's website, Creative Management, at to be sure you are getting emails and mailings correctly from them as well.
What do I need to do if I want to modify my landscaping (other than adding seasonal color), paint any part of my home exterior, make a physical change/addition to my home or fence line, etc.?
You will need approval prior to stating any work.  Access the ARC (Architectural Review Committee) approval request form in the Documents Library.  Complete and submit it to our Property Manager at Creative Management. You can mail or fax it; however, the preferred method is to email a scanned signed copy to our Property Manager Ed Cheek at and copy the Board at  This should expedite the review.
Some cars that enter the Property seem to have EZ tag access, but do not display the numbered Green PMH Parking sticker tag on their left side windscreen? Sometimes I can't tell if I'm being tailgated or if they have EZtag access?
All resident vehicles are to have numbered green tags displayed on their left side windscreen.  These numbered tags were issued to residents when their vehicles and EZtags were registered.  We ask that all residents have their Green Tags displayed properly whether it's a garage sticker or street sticker so it is clear who is a resident and who should be displaying a visitor placard for access. (If a resident is missing a  tag, please contact the board at so we can get one out to them).